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Where? Here. Home.

© 2018 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

What course did Bloom and Stephen follow on their way to Eccles Street?
Starting united at walking pace from Gardiner Street to Beresford Place
Bearing right to Temple Street North, slowing as they crossed at George’s Church

What topics did the two discuss? Music, literature, and Ireland
Friendship, Women, and celibacy, Jesuit education and Stephen’s collapse
Both repudiated orthodox religion and social doctrine of all kinds

Where?  Here.  Home.

What marks of hospitality did the host show his guest?
Bloom prepared Epp’s soluble cocoa, presenting Stephen with his Crown Derby cup
With a dollop of extraordinary cream ordinarily reserved for Mrs. Marion Bloom

Who drank the cocoa more quickly? Bloom with an advantage of ten seconds
Three sips to his opponent’s one, six sips for his opponent's two
Nine sips to his opponent's three, twelve sips to his opponent’s four

Where?  Here.  Home.

What were their actions before parting for the night?
At Stephen’s suggestion and Bloom’s instigation, the two urinated in Bloom's back garden
Their sides contiguous, their organs rendered invisible by manual circumposition

Did their stream trajectories differ? Yes: first sequent, then simultaneous
Bloom’s was longer and less irruent, Stephen’s was higher and more sibilant
As augmented from diuretic consumption during a night of debauchery

Where?  Here.  Home.
What were Bloom’s acts before bed? He put his clothing upon a chair
Then kissed the plump smellow melons of his wife Molly’s rump
Each plump smellonous hemisphere with obscure, prolonged smellonous osculation

Then he reclined semi-laterally to the left, right leg stretched in a straight line
Left hand tucked underneath his head, recumbent, weary, and with big seed

Where?  Here.  Home.
Where?  Here.  Home.

​He rests. He has travelled. With: Sinbad the Sailor and Tinbad the Tailor and Jinbad the Jailer, and Whinbad the Whaler and Ninbad the Nailer and Finbad the Failer and Binbad the Bailer and Pinbad the Pailer and Minbad the Mailer and Hinbad the Hailer and Rinbad the Railer……