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  • Vera, Chuck, and Dave2:59

Vera, Chuck, and Dave

© 2014 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

Everything that can be done will be done
And everything that will be done has been done
And there is nothing new under the sun
Happy Birthday, and welcome to Earth
Riverrun past Eve and Adam
Hear our boots hit the tarmacadam
From swerve of shore to wash of wave
It's us: Vera, Chuck, and Dave
You must what now, Sixty-Four?
Now we're down from off your knee
We taught ourselves to poop and pee
We just got home from a Rave....
Good Morning: Vera, Chuck, and Dave
We'll be older soon
One day we'll be sleeping with Keith Moon
We sweat to get our real estate
And come up with the dough
I think that we've arrived too late
But still our brood will grow:
Ian, Chelsea, and Mo
Well it was forty years ago today
Alone, along, alast aloved away....
And though you never quite went out of style
Each hand must ultimately touch the dial
So each man to his own grave
We love you,
Vera, Chuck, and Dave