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  • Under Erasure4:41

Under Erasure

© 2016 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

Blame it on the way I was wearing my hat
But numbness in your skull - I ain't down with that
Everyone’s standing their ground, cold steeped in hate
I’m just sittin’ here with my hooligan kings trying to count our “pieces of eight”

          (Chorus): If something good is coming, it must be moving like a glacier
          There’s no way to misconstrue it, you just draw a line right through it
          Everything is Under Erasure

My coverage was dropped, but my rates were raised
These days are so good, they make me miss the bad days
Our love exploded and I couldn't survive the blast
I had to burn all your photographs to try and forget our past


I met a gal lives at 4th and MacDougal

15 minutes with her, I feel like I was shagged by a ragman’s bugle

She’s got a heart of stone, I got a will like jelly

She’s got a body, it looks like it was painted by Botticelli




I tried to duck down the Short Vincent, but it’s not even there

I only left town for a minute, and it’s vanished to thin air

All the revisionist history and all that buzzard stuff

When you come from Cleveland, you’ve just got to be tough




I gotta tighten my belt, or should I say my rope

Everybody’s on the take, but I can’t give up hope

It’s been so long since I’ve been amazed

Now it’s so run of the mill just being confused and dazed




Out on the coast, those Santa Anas just stoking the fire

Somewhere Sly Stone’s trying to take us higher and higher

But it’s all gone like sweet potato pie

It’s ten dollars for a nickel now, don’t bother to ask why




The apocalypse is riding on a two-colored horse

Up leads down and down leads up as a matter of course

The ghost of Old Blue Eyes is back and he's spreading the news

Me, I'm just trying to hold the world together with the 16-bar blues