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Train To Hartlip

© 2014 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

Sunday morning
Victoria Station 10:20 train
Just left Speaker's Corner
Hyde Park in the pouring rain
On my way to find
My Great-Great Grandfather I never knew
But if it wasn’t for him
I wouldn’t be singing this song to you

Angel of History
Blow me backwards through time
Like this Train to Hartlip
The sun will burn
Apples will fall
And the tides will rip
I'm graveyard bound
In more ways than one
St. Michael's or bust
Awake the dead
And let us shake hands
Before I turn to dust

I’m on this train
I'm kicking ass and taking names
To find the man
Be he Edward, Charles, or James
When I arrive
I’m gonna turn up every stone
And when I leave
I’ll go out as I came in: alone

Angel of History….

I'm standing here
Before a man I never knew
I thank the gods
I wouldn’t have my son
if not for you
One day I’ll be
Just like this bloke deep in the ground
And by my children’s children’s children
I might be found
Please take my love
Take my name and consecrate this trip
As I take a ride
On this bloody train - On this Train to Hartlip

Angel of History….

  • Train To Hartlip4:57