• The Romantic Ventriloquist3:51

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The Romantic Ventriloquist

© 2016 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

I’m the kind of guy who hides his mouth when he speaks
But I’ve been rehearsing my lines to you for weeks
I’ll keep my identity concealed
Like I don’t even exist
Call me The Romantic Ventriloquist

I’m hiding out at the back of the queue
‘Cause I’m afraid to tell you how I feel about you
So I’ll speak through somebody else
To avoid being dismissed
Call me The Romantic Ventriloquist

I could put on a mask
To create some mystique
But when we get close
I’m too tongue-tied to speak
So I’ll keep my distance from you
As my heart grows fonder
And I'll send my secret love
From out in the blue yonder
I’m no good at the lover’s game
So I’ll send you letters under some assumed name
Just me and my pen
Never to be kissed
Always The Romantic Ventriloquist