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  • The Ripping Sort2:52

The Ripping Sort

© 2016 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

Eddie got tiddley tonight
Beefeater boredom in a bottomless bottle
She was feeling alright
Jolly hockey sticks and the caffeine of Europe
Pop in at the Old King’s Head
The Horse’s Neck and Nosey Parker
Third-degree from A to Zed
What’s your mother’s name and how’s your father
Twice his age and half his size
The courage and a little sport
Some powder and a few white lies
She keeps a stiff upper lip
The Ripping Sort

Calling for another drink
Ashtrays are full and cheeks are pinker
Take a nod and pass the wink
Ginger to gin hook, line, and sinker
Some mouth about this and that
See the bottom of this glass again and the kid’s out
Pulling rabbits from her hat
And a belt in the bedroom for a heavyweight bout
Beer and bitters on her thighs
On her lips tawny port
Thirty-eight calorie sighs
Off the wagon for a sip
The Ripping Sort

Drunk for a penny
Dead drunk for tuppence
Clean straw for nothing
Different kinds of trouble for the ladies and gents

Getting chummy in the back
A one-eyed knave betting two ‘gainst the queen’s toys
Playing dummy in the sack
Like the Covent Garden Girls with the Borstal Boys
The sound of copper in the door
Taking by surprise at a quarter to ten
Moving feet across the floor
She might get caught, but she’d do it again
A hundred who, what, where’s, and whys
A stranger in the people’s court
Around the collar alibis
On the cuff, but off the hip
The Ripping Sort