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  • The Magpie's Council4:34

The Magpie's Council

© 2016 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

The birds were spreading words of problems needing resolve
They put their beaks together to see who they should involve
Their nests were overflowing even though times were tough
The problem was they weren’t getting rich enough
So Grandmaster Crow in a tuxedo rang a bell and called the tidings to order
And Jim Jackdaw, that notorious outlaw, took his place as the proceedings’ recorder
All the birds on the list had their wings in a twist ‘cause things weren’t working out like they’d planned it
Then Crow cleared his throat before taking a vote to elect the most respectable bandit
Yeah, it was a crazy scene, when the best of the worst decided to convene
A more lunatic crew you could never find, every single bird had lost their mind
At the Magpie’s Council

That avian culture chose Vincenzo the Vulture because he had the claws and the muscle
They gave him money and guns and a sweet pack of huns
And prepared him to head out for the hustle
Stealing power was the theme of the hour: A good honest day’s dirty work
There were loud coos and squawks from the doves and the hawks
 And the rest of the council was going berserk
Through cunning and stealth they would plunder man’s wealth and distribute it to their small band
But they’d still say their prayers to maximize their shares for an everlasting place in Cloudcuckooland
Yeah, it was a crazy scene: They started mixing alcohol and amphetamine
A more lunatic crew you could never find, every single bird had lost their mind
At the Magpie’s Council

The clock struck thirteen, Crow shouted something obscene when the albatross jumped on the loon
The owls and water fowls lost control of their bowels
And that really put a damper on the whole afternoon
A trio of storks were singing “Auld Lang Syne”
While the spoonbills and the buzzards were swimming in red wine
A senate of swans in their sartorial splendor were well on their way to magnificent bender
A pigeon on a stool read the riot act, then a fox crashed the party and the pigeon got whacked
The council lost sight of their fine-feathered scheme, giving in to a debauch supreme
Yeah, the caper was a bust
Ruined by intoxication and lust
It’s Mother Nature at her best
Putting appetites to the test
At the Magpie’s Council