The Departing Wayfarer

© 2017 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

Smell the gentle smoke of tea
Sizzling butter and the fume of the pan
A grilled mutton kidney for me
A letter from Millie and an obituary
Another slice of bread
There’s no use disturbing her
It’s a busy day ahead
For this Hibernian connoisseur

Set off at dawn, travel backways ‘round this boulder
Keep it up forever, technically never grow a day older
Set off at dawn and make hay as you go
Boldness be my friend, Heigh ho! Heigh ho! Heigh ho! 

Wander around all day
Might meet a robber or two
Spend a bob here and spend a bob there
All along the avenue
Walking up from behind
I see those moving hams from the back
A pleasant thing to see first thing in the morning
Crooked skirts swinging whack by whack by whack by whack

Set off at dawn… 

To be near her ample bedwarmed flesh
With heavy sweet wild perfume
Metempsychosis is from the Greek
And I am from the Bloom
Poor old Dignam is dead
And Rudy, my son, my sweet
He’d be eleven now if he had lived
The prince of Eccles Street
Time for my morning shite
Get it done before she awakes
The king is in his counting house
Behind the crazy door of the jakes

Set off at dawn…

They like them sizeable
Prime sausage!

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