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  • Tenney4:02


© 2019  Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

Tenney, I remember you
Where did you go?
We were like bread and jam
So long ago
We shared secrets
From dawn ‘til dusk
Lost in hue and fragrance
Of vermillion and musk

Tenney, I’m thinking of you
Why did you leave?
I’m left with a second-string surrogate
At the end of my sleeve
I know you liked me
You showed me you did
And every favor I'd fancy
You’d never forbid

But you just wanted to be alone

I never knew your name
Until you were gone
You never knew my name
But then again, I never had one

Tenney, I remember you
Where are you now?
I’ll never forget you
Though I’ll try anyhow
To pretend to satisfy
Your lust to seclude
And imagine you sated and sound
In your solitude

‘cause you just wanted to be alone