• Teacups Smash5:13

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Teacups Smash

© 2017 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

Some days I’m made of paper
Some days I’m made of ink
And when the sun’s over the yardarm
My story’s in the drink
My hours are beguiled
Torn between extremes
With impertinent fancies
And preposterous dreams
Teacups Smash

Rain-scattered plum petals
Put a stain upon the earth
A lady of large leisure
Tries to get her money’s worth
I’ve got a pocket full of posies
And a purse of apricots
I’m sleeping six feet under
Dressed up in Forget-Me-Nots
Teacups Smash

Froggie went a-courtin’ in his opera hat
Mary hit the headmaster with a cricket bat
Taffy was a Welshman who stole the Sunday roast
Little Poll Parrot sat in his garret eating beans on toast
Teacups Smash

Barefoot and bare-breasted
And sporting a Pussy cap
A goddess of disturbed tranquility
Holds a candle to the map
Fasten the flounces on your petticoat
And the furbelows on your frock
A cold wind’s gonna blow
And the cradle will rock
Teacups Smash
Rock and Roll baby
On the treetop
The boys don’t know the difference
Between a maid and a kitchen mop
Houses are on fire
And the children have jumped the wall
Now the boughs will break
And the cradle will fall
Teacups Smash