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  • Rosie's Tattoo4:50

Rosie's Tattoo

© 2014 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

Zed Eins Eins Null Sechs Funf

You were named for a flower
That some men stopped to smell
You were born under a star
That some men tried to quell
One day you were singing
In the Terezin town choir
The next day you were dragging stones
Behind the barbed wire

Zed One One Zero Six Five

Outside the skies were red
Inside the forecast was black
You went from potatoes on porcelain
To eating bread from a sack
You did nothing at all
To merit this inhuman hurt
Yet you still pulled their wagons
And you shoveled their dirt

Zed One One Zero Six Five
Zed One One Zero Six Five

You taught me to sing "Peat Bog Soldiers"
You accompanied me on kazoo
You took me out swimming that night
That's when I saw your tattoo
You were one of the lucky
To get out of there alive
With that souvenir on your arm
Zed One One Zero Six Five