• Ride Across The Lake5:32

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Ride Across The Lake

© 2015 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

A horseman was hired
To deliver a letter
To a town at the edge of the lake
He rode through the blinding snow
One league and then five
Without break

O… I was that rider

The sun disappeared
And the night fell down
But still no lake in sight
He rode over hills
Through the valleys and plains
And there in the distance a light

O… I was that rider

He knocked at the door
And a woman appeared
And he asked if the lake was ahead
You’ve just rode across
Its paper thin ice
It’s a miracle that you’re not dead

O the horrors long passed
Come to haunt us at last

The rider’s eyes froze in an icy stare
His ears filled with crackling roar
His heart stopped still in shocked despair
He fell down and was heard from no more

O… I was that rider
O… I was that rider
O… I am that rider