One Drop

© 2019 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

I’ve been mean, ugly, and hurtful
I’ve been selfish and arrogant as sin
I did everything I swore I would never do
That’s why I find myself in the sad condition that I’m in
I’ll play the fool again just like I’ve done a hundred times before
And you’ll find me hat in hand when I come knocking on your door for

Just one drop
From your ocean of mercy
Just one drop
From your forgiving sea
I can’t stop
All these torments that curse me
But I know that I can change my ways
If you’ll only bless my days
With just one drop

I’ve exhausted every combination of the words in my vocabulary
Sent smoke signals, drew pictures to bolster my apology
Yet somehow there’s no end to the fatal missteps I can take
And there’s no boundary to the beloved bonds I can break
I don’t know what else I can do to solicit your sympathy
But I’ll compensate your compassion if you only allow me

Just one drop….

I made my plea, I bent the knee
But you put the gavel down and you turned your back on me
I’m done waiting and I ain’t gonna beg no more
I can go one without you, I’ve gone without you before
I’ve earned your animosity and I earnestly bear the blame
Whatever made me grant you power and elevate your name?
I’m gonna walk the earth and face whatever fortune may bring
I’m going solo from here on in and I’ll never ask you for a thing

Not even one drop
I don’t need your mercy
I don’t need your forgiveness

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