My Criminal Aspirations

© 2014 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

Well I’ve been accused with a breach of the law
And I’m guilty as charged of “Epater le Bourgeois”
I took celebrity queues from Clyde Barrow
From Robin Hood and Jean-Paul Belmondo
Now I draw the last breath for my offense
I’m citing Eros and Aphrodite in my defense
Everybody’s firing accusations of My Criminal Aspirations

Well I made my way across the border with luck
I slept in brigand camps and I don’t give a fuck
Conflict is justice, as old Heraclitus said
Say that I lived for love before you leave me for dead
Now I’m making my last plea to the jury
For all these counterfeit infractions that caused such a fury
All these entertaining flirtations with My Criminal Aspirations

Some kinds of love are a crime and many ideas are forbidden
Well you can put them in jail, make them perverted or hidden
A man claims authority with a raise of the hand
And leave the heroes of the heart hanging from the witness stand

I’ll go down for you until they come with the hounds
Until the Furies have taken me and my death knell sounds
Come hellfire and damnations I'm standing by My Criminal Aspirations

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