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  • It's All Too Much3:13

It's All Too Much

© 2016 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

Georgie said it before
I just can't take it no more
It bears saying again
I'm trying hard to exercise my Zen
I saw you the other day
You said you thought I was dead
I said I believe it was me
That put that idea in your head
Oh, it's all too much

It's everything and the kitchen sink
I'm thinking hard about hitting the drink
Well I hit it and it made things worse
It started out like mercy, ended up like a curse
But I didn't slip up
It's like I told you before
I only do it to remind myself
Why I don't do it no more
Oh, it's all too much

It's all too much
For me to take
For the love that shines all around me
But wait, I'm mistaking someone else's life for my own
The cover’s up, my jig is blown

It begrudges me to confess
I only want some tenderness
Is that too much to ask?
Do you really have to take me to task?
After following you through life
As maiden, mother, and crone
I don't think that I'd mind
Going through another life alone
Oh, it's all too much

I think I'm nearing the end
I might not break, but I'll bend
I'm just an ordinary guy
With a pestering itch to ask, "Why?"
The second law of Thermodynamics
Is called entropy
I thought it was funny
Until it happened to me
Oh, it's all too much