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  • I Cried6:54

I Cried

© 2014 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

An angel reclined in the back seat
Pouring with rain in the middle of March
Her skirts went up, the windows fogged,
The moon went down and sank into Lake Erie.
The radio played "Tears On My Pillow"
Her perfume was still on the bed
And slow music struggled, but could not repair
A mother, a father, and some useless love letters.

I tried, but I just couldn't give her...
Then I lied, and I failed to deliver...
And I cried, with a shudder and shiver,
For a love bought upstream now sold down the river
And I'm untied and blue: When I cried, I cried for you

I took a motel in the desert
I broke the key, and jimmied the lock
I stood there in the mirror taking photographs
In the middle of Winter and the phone was dead
I drove past the places we'd kissed
That I'd been avoiding: I couldn't resist
And I cried as I reminisced
How you went from Ms. to Mrs. to missed
And I'm untied and blue: When I cried, I cried for you

A black crow flew over the house
And I heard the screams from across the street
I ran with bare feet for miles through the snow
I got home and the furniture was gone
Well, I found love puzzles and perplexes
So I dulled my senses and slowed my reflexes
Well, I went through Hell and a case of Kleenexes
Now I take my place on your long list of Ex's
And I'm untied and blue: When I cried, I cried for you

It's raining her voice just as it died from my memory
And as her ghost disappeared like a slow train departing
The wind went mad and the room went black!
Well, I went in tender and came out hard-hearted
When the laughter lagged, the snickering started
Well, I went in smart but I came out out-smarted
Now I say "Goodbye, Love," my dearly departed
And I'm untied and blue: When I cried, I cried for you