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She had a face that was bright as bouquets
Enchanting engagements to last her for days
Now she counts traces of worn-out footprints
Lost in a wilderness of faded chintz
She had a heart: one day it just gave out
He had the standing, the wit, and the means
Impeccable shrewdness in all his routines
But his tormenting manner made life rather strange
Now he's vexed like a peddler who’s been given the wrong change
He had a heart: one day it just gave out

The sun comes each morning and moon every night
But never the other way 'round
And the waves never cease to break on the shore
Such mad repetition, who can take any more?

You had a charm so eccentric and sweet
Difficult to follow but delightful to meet
The force of your fidelity would never relent
If not for the vulgar realm of accident
You had a heart: one day it just gave out

I find my days run from capricious to grave
And I walk the line between timid and brave
I guess you could say that I’m middling to fair
Things could go either way: the coin’s still in the air
I had a heart….

  • Heart6:07

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