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  • Giant Appetites3:58

Giant Appetites

© 2017 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

Pineapple rock, butterscotch dream
A sugarsticky girl shoveling scoopfuls of cream
Lemon platt, strawberry bite
Her majesty sucking red jujubes white
Cockles and mussels, potato and leek
Colcannon, moldy tripe, bubble and squeak
What’s on the menu that’s enticing to me?
A gorgonzola sambo and a good Burgundy

The fire of wine kindles the veins
Tickles the groin and scrambles the brains
Delirium and frenzy spur sensuous delights
Life’s smorgasbord whets Giant Appetites

Spit of the pig, blood of the lamb
Half-masticated gristle, mock turtle cream puffs
Getting bulgy and corpulent sitting on our duffs
Juno and Venus, gourmet odds and sods
Ambrosial golden dishes, quaffing nectar with gods
The mighty must eat and the weak must bleed
Time to set the table: see the animals feed

Dinner, tea, breakfast, and lunch
The meat tears and the bones crunch
Stoking the engine, the combustion ignites
We thrive from the drive of Giant Appetites

Hidden under wild ferns
Over her I lay
Sleeping sky, silent bay
Warm, soft, sticky lips acquiesce
All yielding she said yes

Up on Howth Head the rhododendrons flowered
There we bit, nibbled, chewed, gorged, and devoured
Was I happier then? Or am I now?
It really doesn’t matter two straws, anyhow…
Food to blood to dung to earth and again food
I feel as though I’m being eaten and spewed
A curse from the gods, bestowed on mankind
Stuffed in the front hole and pushed out behind

Our funeral’s tomorrow: bye, bye!
We go out as we’re coming through the rye
With a belch for benediction
And a lick for last rites
We’re eaten alive by Giant Appetites