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  • Four Pennies4:19

Four Pennies

© 2016 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

There’s Bernini and his fountains
That give Rome so much concern
Three coins in the Trevi
To ensure that you’ll return
But my tastes are a bit less grand
Less Jack the Lad and more The Fool
I’ll take the Mersey and the Albert Docks
Fish and chips in Liverpool

    Four Pennies over the gate
    To four friends, four pence bestowed
    Four Pennies to fertilize the fields
    In that place off Beaconsfield Road

I’m on a bus in Smithdown Road
There’s that shelter in a roundabout
“I’ll take a trim, Adele,” I say
As the radio plays “Twist and Shout”
All across the town there lies
A veritable treasure trove
On Menlove Avenue and Forthlin Road
On Madryn Street and Arnold Grove

   Four Pennies over the gate . . .

Oh, I was a dreamy lad
With a mind and a heart to roam
Now 4000 miles away
Yet I knew that I was home
When I stepped off that train from London
And into Lime Street Station
To promenade where the giants walked
Through these streets of inspiration

I took the coins from out of my pocket
Just as it started to rain
I made a wish and gave them a kiss
Through tears that I couldn’t contain
I pitched them over the gate
With the hope that I’d be back
To that Strawberry Field
With the pals of my Ohio pack

     Four Pennies over the gate . . .