• Brutal Symmetry3:45

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Brutal Symmetry

© 2016 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

The world is strange
But not stranger than me
I can tackle the mountains
I can swallow the sea
I can yoke the copious charms
Of the ambivalent earth
I can kill my own father
I can even give birth
I can make the gods weary
I can make them disappear
I can inspire great happiness
I can inspire great fear
I can follow a commander
I can lead like a boss
I can count on my profit
I can count on my loss
I can go from fruitful to barren
In a magnificent flash
Now climbing to value
Now stumbling to trash
I can run like a coward
I can stand up and be brave
I can put on the mute
I can put on the rave
I can be bumbling and reckless
I can handle with care
I can open up with hope
I can shut down with despair
Out of all of these things
From my will I make bend
But not my beginning
Not my inevitable end
I’m just a minute example
Of mankind’s potpourri
With gentle disorder
And brutal symmetry