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American Jeremiad

© 2014 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

Pamphlets of Thomas Paine splayed like ruined windmills
Emptying themselves
Conjuring music from the empty air, perfumes of Africa
Inhabiting houses of the dead
From the heights and depths
The mind gets frail, and the body forgets
Grass grows, rivers run, histories undone

Tropes of the spirit, confused by etiquette
The make believe made real
Murder made respectable with every footstep, every turn of the head
Even when standing still
Cons, skeptics, and believers, turns, fits, and starts
Drugs, dreams, and fevers, carnal appetites and ailing hearts
Grass grows, rivers run, histories undone

Operas of impersonators, obsessed with therapy
Dissolved in subjectivity
Fragments of self-help books, expensive pills to purge melancholy
A sea of conformity
Vipers, victims, and thugs

Seeking nits to pick
Ideas replaced with adverts

And cheap Vaudeville shtick
Grass grows, rivers run, histories undone

Swerving from our fathers, frustrated by boundaries
Lies dressed up as truths
The last gasp of empire, upheavals of the homeland
Political sleight of hand
Trophies, ribbons, and medals

Stuffed in a suitcase
Floors made of eggshells

Memories to erase
Grass grows, rivers run, histories undone

  • American Jeremiad7:34