• A Sketchy Notion5:58

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A Sketchy Notion

© 2016 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

I first saw you, hiding behind those curling bangs
Joking about Sherlock and mathematics
With a sense of humor like a vampire’s fangs
What was that on your head?
Do you call that a hat? You’re speaking in code
And I want to learn more about that
I thought you had elegant fingers
The kind to play Carnegie Hall
But I’m getting all kinds of mixed signals
I don’t know you at all

All I got is this sketchy notion
I can’t work my way through this emotional commotion
I got to slip things down to slow motion
I gotta get some focus, I can’t boil the ocean
All I got is this sketchy notion
I’m on the trail of some panacea
To shift this loneliness into reverse
Maybe we can take it from a notion to an idea

I saw you after your mother’s funeral
You were crisp, drunk, and neatly attired
You told me that you preferred rocks to flowers
Because the former survived while the latter expired
I went full throttle after a ghost
I had a suspicion that you were what I wanted the most
It was only an inkling, or call it hunch
I couldn’t really tell after your one-two punch

All I got is this sketchy notion………

Whatever it is you’re hiding in those drawers
It’s got me mixing up my metaphors
I’ll get to know you bit by bit
If only I can explore the zodiac of your wit

Who are you, hiding behind those curling bangs
I got a sketchy notion, that’s where my life hangs
Will you let me in? Then we can begin
To pool our resources
And join forces to forge a confederate of gangs
All I got is this sketchy notion…….