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A Beautiful View

© 2016 Robert Morris Black / Leprechaun Club Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

My window looks out on the shipyard

And beyond that the great blue sea
They're building a ship there

I always imagine it’s for me
I always imagine it’s for me

I watch the men building the hull 

In their helmets and boots
Using gas to melt steel 

And other dangerous pursuits
Someday it will sail the world  

And I'll be on board
From Auckland to Zanzibar

No corner unexplored
From out of my window

I see the ships come and go
And all manner of people

On the docks down below
It's there that I saw you

And your wild Italian eyes
That rivaled the vessels 

Against the September skies
In them I saw another world

Like William Blake's sand
So I put on my coat

And went down to the strand
Shipwrights were fashioning the bow

And assembling the stern
You were trying on a hat

When my life took a turn
When my life took a turn

Days turn into years
And years turn to hours
As the final breath nears

They're building another ship

But you're no longer here
I watch from my room

As the days disappear

As the days disappear

There were days of slack tide

And days of rough storm
There were periods of freezing

And periods of warm
I'm thinking of you

As they hoist up the sails
Forecastle, mizzen, and main 

Like melancholy veils
A woman's breaking champagne  

Across the bow's frame
And as the ship launches

On its stern is my name
On its stern is my name

 As I watch the ship sail

I'm still thinking of you
I was meant to be on it

But I still have a beautiful view
I still have a beautiful view